With GadgetConnect, Reemote for Airfoil and Reemote for Boxee on my iDevices, or things like tablets, smartphones and htpcs in general life already feels a little like living in the future to me, and I love it ! But I’m not really satisfied yet.

Today I finally managed to fix my broken openAMI system and again it felt like moving one step closer to living in the future, not really the hyped smarthome future with a talking avatar you know from tv, but rather a future where your smartphone is the gateway to pretty much anything, not only the outside world but also your home.

I think this is the way to go, it’s possible right now and doesn’t have to cost a fortune see for yourself.


Today i’ve once again installed shell-fm on a fresh openWRT system (which I did a lot in the past months) and like each time, it just didn’t want to work and I spend a fortune of time trying to figure out why, until I finally remembered, it was the 0.5 release that never worked for me, a later one however did, and so it was installing shell-fm 0.7 fixed the problem (once again).

Hoping to never waste time on this again i’m writing this down now,
however if you are having similar troubles, you should check the openWRT download-section for a shell-fm 0.7 package,
for mipsel-based routers like the Asus wl500gp you can download my 0.7 package here or of course you can build one yourself using the buildroot.

This short Demo is showing a jQTouch-based WebApp that enables a user to control a SmartHome environment powered by the openAMI System.

The WebApp shown is generated and served entirley by an openAMI enabled Asus wl500gpV2 running a openWRT linux with 2.4 Kernel and Python2.5.

Take a look!

Check us out at CoogleCode:

When I was experimenting with python a while ago, I wanted to move the mouse pointer from inside python. Since this didn’t seem to be possible, I  found a workaround which used a c-call to X11/Xlib to actually move the mouse pointer. This really worked great and I will use this as an example to show how to call a c-function from within python. Read More

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