I’m putting together a Cocoa framework that’s going to work on both, iOS (jailbroken, using btstack) and Mac OSX (using IOBluetooth or TTY directly)

Here’s a video showing an iOS demo App.

code coming soon. see MWKit for more info, source-code and repository.


What’s a MetaWatch ?

Well, it’s a watch obviously, kind of a smart watch but not actually that smart, basically it’s a remote display for other devices to write to, connections are made via Bluetooth using SPP (a serial port protocol).

Still, leaving it rather dumb was a smart move, so I don’t really know what to call it, it’s pretty cool that’s for sure 🙂

Anyhow, after few delays, my MetaWatch (which I had originally pre-ordered back in May) finally shipped and I had almost a week now to play with it, here’s what I came up with so far. Read More

With GadgetConnect, Reemote for Airfoil and Reemote for Boxee on my iDevices, or things like tablets, smartphones and htpcs in general life already feels a little like living in the future to me, and I love it ! But I’m not really satisfied yet.

Today I finally managed to fix my broken openAMI system and again it felt like moving one step closer to living in the future, not really the hyped smarthome future with a talking avatar you know from tv, but rather a future where your smartphone is the gateway to pretty much anything, not only the outside world but also your home.

I think this is the way to go, it’s possible right now and doesn’t have to cost a fortune see for yourself.

A short introduction to the topic of Jailbreaking.

This is the short version of a review paper on Jailbreaking iOS, I’m going to write over the next weeks.  My intentions here are to provide a detailed explanation of the whole process, aimed at readers with a technical background who want to read up on the topic.

This short Demo is showing a jQTouch-based WebApp that enables a user to control a SmartHome environment powered by the openAMI System.

The WebApp shown is generated and served entirley by an openAMI enabled Asus wl500gpV2 running a openWRT linux with 2.4 Kernel and Python2.5.

Take a look!

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