Well, there’s not really that much magic involved, but it’s still pretty handy,
here’s a little python script thats sucks down all the slides on Distributed Systems from

Put it in an empty folder and run. The result will be a shitload of PNGs, wich is much more enjoyable than having to click through each html-slide.
Btw, try CoverFlow and/or QuickLook to view the slides, works great for me.

The naming scheme looks like this: lecture#-lecturename_slide#.png

script can be found here:

happy studying.


This short Demo is showing a jQTouch-based WebApp that enables a user to control a SmartHome environment powered by the openAMI System.

The WebApp shown is generated and served entirley by an openAMI enabled Asus wl500gpV2 running a openWRT linux with 2.4 Kernel and Python2.5.

Take a look!

Check us out at CoogleCode:

When I was experimenting with python a while ago, I wanted to move the mouse pointer from inside python. Since this didn’t seem to be possible, I  found a workaround which used a c-call to X11/Xlib to actually move the mouse pointer. This really worked great and I will use this as an example to show how to call a c-function from within python. Read More

I guess everyone starting out developing in python eventually runs into a situation where a good old switch-case would be necessary, turns out there’s no such thing in python, but there is a pretty handy alternative, so here is what i found out. Read More

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