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As said before, I’ve been putting together a little framework to talk to the MetaWatch.

Well, here it is, as promised, it works on both, Mac OSX and iOS (jailbroken)

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I’m putting together a Cocoa framework that’s going to work on both, iOS (jailbroken, using btstack) and Mac OSX (using IOBluetooth or TTY directly)

Here’s a video showing an iOS demo App.

code coming soon. see MWKit for more info, source-code and repository.

What’s a MetaWatch ?

Well, it’s a watch obviously, kind of a smart watch but not actually that smart, basically it’s a remote display for other devices to write to, connections are made via Bluetooth using SPP (a serial port protocol).

Still, leaving it rather dumb was a smart move, so I don’t really know what to call it, it’s pretty cool that’s for sure 🙂

Anyhow, after few delays, my MetaWatch (which I had originally pre-ordered back in May) finally shipped and I had almost a week now to play with it, here’s what I came up with so far. Read More

I really fell in love with SickBeard lately, so I made this little launcher App.

How to use

Simple, just download the app and start it. A dialog will show up prompting for your SickBeard install path, click choose path, select it and you’re done.

Well, there’s not really that much magic involved, but it’s still pretty handy,
here’s a little python script thats sucks down all the slides on Distributed Systems from

Put it in an empty folder and run. The result will be a shitload of PNGs, wich is much more enjoyable than having to click through each html-slide.
Btw, try CoverFlow and/or QuickLook to view the slides, works great for me.

The naming scheme looks like this: lecture#-lecturename_slide#.png

script can be found here:

happy studying.

Today i’ve once again installed shell-fm on a fresh openWRT system (which I did a lot in the past months) and like each time, it just didn’t want to work and I spend a fortune of time trying to figure out why, until I finally remembered, it was the 0.5 release that never worked for me, a later one however did, and so it was installing shell-fm 0.7 fixed the problem (once again).

Hoping to never waste time on this again i’m writing this down now,
however if you are having similar troubles, you should check the openWRT download-section for a shell-fm 0.7 package,
for mipsel-based routers like the Asus wl500gp you can download my 0.7 package here or of course you can build one yourself using the buildroot.

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