The algoRythm was my first electronics related project, it is a full featured hybrid audio synthesizer including a tenori-on- style matrix sequencer and several algorithmic composing modes.



audio synthesis was done on an atmel atmega8 using direct digital synthesis and pwm for digital-analog conversion. The device features 2 audio-oscillators, and one additional low-frequency-oscillator.


an analog multimode Steiner VCF was built after the original design by Nyle Steiner available here.


for controlling the oscillators and the filter two analog envelope generators have been built after a design from René Schmitz available here.


the VCA-design was taken from Yves Usson’s modular project available here.



Picture 3Sadly I didn’t document very much when building that thing, but there’s an old project blog located here . Additionally the final project paper covering some background and implementation details is available here.

If you like what you see and want to know more or are just interested in the source code, just let me know.


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