Living in the future

With GadgetConnect, Reemote for Airfoil and Reemote for Boxee on my iDevices, or things like tablets, smartphones and htpcs in general life already feels a little like living in the future to me, and I love it ! But I’m not really satisfied yet.

Today I finally managed to fix my broken openAMI system and again it felt like moving one step closer to living in the future, not really the hyped smarthome future with a talking avatar you know from tv, but rather a future where your smartphone is the gateway to pretty much anything, not only the outside world but also your home.

I think this is the way to go, it’s possible right now and doesn’t have to cost a fortune see for yourself.

  1. Marc said:

    Nice! 🙂
    What are the hardware costs for such a setup (the open AMI components)?

    • ka010 said:

      Well, what’s shown in the video is built using components for about 350$, this includes an upper class wifi router and the iPod!

      Given you already have something to run the software on and some device to use for remote control, you can build the hardware yourself for less than 50$.

      Right now the software is pretty mature but the hardware needs some tweaking,
      Btw, I’m thinking about designing kits to offer in the future so it’s easier to put the whole thing together. If someones interested let me know !

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