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So here are the things that keep me up at night, and also from writing extensive blog posts…


This is one of my main projects and is generally dedicated to developing fun and innovative applications of iOS and Mac OSX.

010dev is the name under which I am publishing my work.

Reemote for Airfoil

What is Airfoil ?

Airfoil from Rogue Amoeba is an advanced streaming solution that let’s you easily send all kinds of audio all around your house.

What is Reemote ?

Reemote for Airfoil enables you to control your Airfoil installation from your iPhone ,iPod Touch or iPad.
With Reemote you can turn individual speakers on or off, change their volume or even control iTunes and many other media players directly from the palm of your hand!

Read more or checkout a video demo on the official website.

Reemote for Boxee

What is Boxee ?

Boxee is the best way to watch movies, TV shows and clips from the Internet on your TV.

Read more or download Boxee for free on

What is Reemote for Boxee ?

Reemote for Boxee is the most advanced Boxee remote available on the iPad yet.

Reemote comes with a beautiful, gesture driven interface.

With Reemote you can browse the contents of your media shares directly on the iPad.

Reemote shows extended infos like cover-art or ratings on what’s currently playing.

Reemote allows you to easily share what you like on facebook and twitter.

Reemote can instantly search google or youtube on what’s currently playing, solving any argument about who starred in what movie.

Read more in the AppStore or checkout the product website.

This is a little project I’ve developed as a submission for the INCA10 (Innovative and Creative Application) Award presents a social platform that enables users across the world to connect their real-world neighborhoods by sharing needs and helping each other out on a non-profit basis. won the INCA 10 Bronze Award.

Read more on the project website or at INCA10.


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