Upgrading Disk over RAM: Three reasons to switch to SSD

I’ve just made the switch to SSD, and I gotta say, the performance gain you’ll get from this really is impressive.
The decision to upgrade Disk over Ram turned out to be just right, so here are three good reasons to make the switch to SSD.

  1. Faster System-Startup/Shutdown
    There’s a noticeable speed gain here, while for Workstations this could be neglected, for Net-/Notebooks Startuptime actually contributes to the User Experience.
  2. Faster Application Startup/Shutdown
    This also directly contributes to the grade of the system’s Usability.
    The speed gain can really be felt, because of the incredible fast disk reads, Applications just pop up as you start them (never saw a photoshop starting up this fast).
  3. Faster Swapping !
    Let’s face it, with nowadays operating systems you just cannot avoid swapping, no matter how much RAM you’ll give them,
    plus disk I/O is the one major bottleneck left in modern systems.So faster disk = faster swapping = more responsiveness = better User Experience

To let the numbers speak, here’s a benchmark of the regular HDD i’ve used before and the new SSD, both are mid-class drives the Samsung 250gb has 7200rpm/16mb cache and costs about 50€, the SSD is a Corsair Performance 64Gb with 128mb cache and cost about 170€.

  1. Marc said:

    It has to be noted that this is mostly OSX related because their scheduler sucks badly compared to windows/linux 🙂

  2. moritz said:

    uh damn, looks really impressive. nevertheless, 170€ for a harddisk of that size is .. not really cheap, on the other hand it should be enough for a hackintosh on an eee, right?

    • ka010 said:

      64gb would be fine for sure, my 10.5.8 installation including all apps fits nicely with about 40gb.
      I though about upgrading my netbook as well, but I think I’ll wait for the ipad first.

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