Livescribe Pencast – Sharing large Recordings

One of the key features of a device like the Livescribe – Pulse Smartpen definitely is to be able to share one’s notes and recordings with others, especially since Livescribe is directly targeting students with their product.

This makes it even more sad, that they still haven’t got their online platform right, I own a Pulse Smartpen for about a month now, and for a couple of times, it would have been great to be able to just share the notes I took during lectures with others from my course, unfortunately this didn’t work once, since recordings of one to two hours length (that are pretty common in the student-scenario) ended up  having no audio once the upload was done.

So, thinking positive, I’ve just tried again, hoping they’ve might fixed this finally.

They didn’t.

However, I’ve just stumbled across the root of all evil, of course, it is their flashplayer. For some reason it doesn’t play the audio until it has downloaded the whole file (…hello?), so for a one and a half hour of audio, the player will have to download about 25mb of data befor you will hear your recording, depending on your connection, this can take quite a while.

I really hope they’ll get this done soon, in the meantime we’ll just have to live with this, but at least, we can share our notes knowing that it’ll work after the goddamn flashplayer has got it’s whole audio file.

  1. Marc said:

    Wow, it even keeps on playing for me after I closed the tab 🙂

    • ka010 said:

      lol, yeah it’s just one big major fuckup, worst thing is that livescribe has been very quiet about this for quite a while now. But we’ll see.. 😉

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