avrBridge: Current status and future plans

Some words about my work on the avrBridge,

I haven’t had much time to continue development lately but I hope to have some free time during the next weeks.

Next thing I intend to do is to build a wireless avrBridge based on a cheap rf-transceiver unit (RMF12 available from pollin -germany).

Because my motivation for this is to build a smart-home the plan is to have a central ambient intelligence (AmI), to act like sort of a base station for the wireless avrBridges, so the AmI can use them to either learn about the real world or also even interact with it.

In practice the AmI or the main logic of the whole system will be a small pc or embedded device running a custom linux I’m going to build from scratch, when I have some more spare time.
The wireless avrBridges will be equipped with a set of sensors containing gas,light,temperature,humidity and maybe also audio/video sensors, as well as a set of actors to interact with the world like turning things on and off or giving audio-visual feedback when something important or interesting has happened.

In combination of these two sets of capabilities I’m hoping to be able to implement some kind of adapted user experience, where the AmI has or learns a certain degree of knowledge about the people that live around it so adepts the things it shows or does for them.

To give a clear example of what I mean you can imagine coming home after work, the AmI recognizes you, based on what it learned that you usually do all night when you come home, it tells you about important or interesting emails from people it knows your interesting in or it plays your current favorite music, shows your favorite blogs, shows a status of the apartment or what else you can imagine I’m sure there’s a lot of stuff that can be done especially without spending a fortune.


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