Netbeans Visual Library Tip2 – global SatelliteView using Lookup API

If you build a visual application that provides the abillity to open multiple models, having a global satelliteview, instead of a single one for each scene is pretty much essential. This can be easily done by using the LookupAPI.

First, create a new TopComponent place a JScrollPane on it and name it graphPane.

Then add the following code to your newly created TopComponent.

lookup = Utilities.actionsGlobalContext();
template = new Template(WHEREEVERYOURSCENELIVESIN.class);
results = lookup.lookup(template);
results.addLookupListener(new LookupListener() {

public void resultChanged(LookupEvent ev) {
scenes =  results.allInstances();

JComponent view=null;

for (sceneInterface s: scenes){
graphView = s.getGraphView();
view = graphView.createSatelliteView();




This assumes that your actual scene or atleast an api-object of it is available via the global Lookup returned by actionsGlobalContext().


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