Netbeans Platform Tip0- JNLP – deployment through java webstart

In case you’ve never heard of java-webstart, it’s a technology that makes it possible to start a usual java app, directly out of your browser.  This is pretty cool, because deployment can be centralized and users automatically get the latest version if there is one available, otherwise the locally cached version would be used, so the application doesn’t need to be downloaded each time it’s launched. 

I’ve never heard of java webstart or JNLP before I discovered this netbeans feature, and I’m glad I did. It saved me a lot of work, and can be done in absolutely no time!

Picture 2In the context menu of your module suite’s node, you’ll find an entry named “Build JNLP Application”.
This will build a .war file, located in /dist. 
All thats left to do, is to put that .war  in your glashfish’s autodeploy folder, and your done. 

Now your application should be available through webstart by pointing your webbrowser to the master.jnlp located on your application’s context on your glasfish.

Additionally you can put an index.html that provides some info and/or a link to the master.jnlp in dist/jnlp and rebuild the JNLP.


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