Project Introduction: avrBridge – a simple realworld to software -interface

What it is.

the avrBridge started off as a learning project to get a better understanding of how to implement usb communication, i took a microcontroller running obdev’s software-only usb implementation, and played with it for quite a while.
Since i didn’t really have any practical usb application back then, i figured it would be nice to be able to run the microcontroller’s code on the host side instead on the device itself, so i could use the usb device to quickly add “realworld” interaction, like sensors, buttons, leds or various other i/os to any kind of software or application.

right now, the avrBridge consists of the following:

  • a hardware platform, wich is a very basic atmel- microcontroller setup, based on obdev’s V-USB
  • a host library written in c and based on libusb.
  • a jni wrapper to provide java support.
  • a simple java gui-demo
  • a java visual-Modeling-demo

What it can do.

at this point, the following features are supported:


  • mcu: yet Atmel Atmega8 only
  • complete control over all gp I/O registers
  • ADC readout on all 6 channels
  • DAC via PWM on all 3 Channels

Here is what the simple Java demo looks like, it

avrBridgeJava Demo Application

Where to get.

You can find the latest sources here

to be continued…


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